Relief Printmaking

Using knives and gouges, the artist cuts away lines and areas from a linoleum block. The artist rolls ink onto the block and the ink adheres only to the surface, skipping over the cut-away areas. To print, the artist places paper over the inked block and applies pressure with a printing press, transferring the ink to the paper. The print is a mirror image of the marks on the block. The block can be printed as many times as the artist chooses. To print the next colour, the artist cuts away more of the linoleum block and repeats the inking and printing process, printing directly on top of the first colour printed. This process of cutting, inking and printing can be repeated many times to achieve multi-coloured relief prints. Depending on the number of times the artist prints the block, an edition of prints is created and numbered (eg. 1/6) but all prints in the edition are original.

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